The pawn credit agreement has a term of 3 months and can be extended at maturity. In addition to the pawn credit agreement, we prepare a handover protocol with all the essential data of your vehicle. In the protocol, for example, the milage at the time of delivery is noted and which documents you have handed over to us. However, your vehicle does not have to use the entire contract period. A vehicle release can occur from one day to the next. You call us and arrange a pickup appointment. The fees are calculated for the full month in each case. A started month counts as a whole month. Loan amount and incurred costs are not due until vehicle pickup.

If you do not redeem the vehicle after 3 months, you have the option to extend the pawn credit agreement by paying the accrued interest and costs. We will then send you a new pawn credit agreement. If we do not receive any message from you or if you do not extend the pawn credit agreement, your vehicle will have to be sold at public auction. However, you are entitled to any auction surplus that may arise in any case.