Amazone Profihopper 125

12.900,00 €

1250 kg
18 kW / 24 hp
1500 km
Versatile use throughout the year: scarifying, mowing, mulching or collecting leaves, horse manure or other debris
Fine flail mower
Work in all weather conditions, both in short and long grass, extremely robust and reliable technology
Cutting height adjustment 0-90mm
High tipping discharge 2,10m
Tank volume 730l (corresponds to 1,000l of mowed material)
Front-mounted mower with 1.25 m working width and integrated PowerCompactor collection and conveying system, consisting of a longitudinal and transverse auger, permits maximum area outputs
foldable roll bar
All-wheel drive with 0-turn steering, for greater maneuverability and safety on any terrain, even on slopes
hydrostatic drive with mechanical control
SmartCut exact cut rotor with v-shaped blade arrangement, for improved cut and pick-up quality and reduced noise levels
Top performance at high operating speeds even in difficult conditions
Tool-free knife change, quick and easy
Large capacity fuel tanks with 40l or 55l, for long working days and operations
large maintenance flaps
permissible total weight 1,250 kg