Produktions-/Lagerhalle 5700 m² inklusive Photovoltaikanlage 262 kW

3.300.000,00 €

Living space6.000 m²
Property area27.425 m²
Year of manufacture1991
DescriptionThe industrial plant consists of 2 halls. The two halls are connected by a covered intermediate zone. On the roofs there is a photovoltaic system with a total output of 262.375 kWp, which was installed in 2007.

A small parts store is attached to the northwest side. The walls are made of steel sandwich panels. The dimensions of each hall are 42.00 m in width and 54.00 m in length with an eaves height of 6.00 m.

Office, social and sanitary annex:
The first floor consists of a reception area, a lounge, a kitchenette, a toilet and a laundry room.
The 1st floor is divided into 7 offices, a registration room, a toilet and a shower.
In hall 2 there is a changing room, a WC, and a washroom.

Supply and disposal lines:
Electricity, water, telephone and sewer connection. Property fencing with wire mesh fence, steel pipe gate and steel profile gate.
Truck wash bay with oil separator.

Incl. 2 paint boxes for trucks and buses, which can be used for other purposes at any time.

There are approximately 70 fenced parking spaces available for personnel.

The village Sietzsch is located 5 km south of the small town Landsberg. It has a favorable traffic situation. A public bus line connects the community of Sietzsch with the city of Halle. A railroad line Halle – Delitzsch-Eilenburg is a very convenient transport route in the west-east direction. Due to the immediate vicinity of the Halle-Dresden and Berlin-Munich highways, the town also has a quick connection to the main tangents of road traffic. Twelve minutes away by car is the Leipzig-Halle airport.

Currently, the property is rented for an indefinite period.
Currently, the property (rental/photovoltaic system) generates approximately € 280,000.00 per year.

If you have any questions or require further details, please call Mr. Faller at 0171 2413464.
With us there is also the possibility to exchange or give in payment a house, an apartment, a boat or similar.

Zip code06112
Street and house numberDelitzscher street 1
ProviderProperty management Schlägel und Faller
Phone07131-941060 or 0171-2413464